SMC Communication August 2021

SMC Communication August 2021

July 31, 2021

Hello Members and Friends of Oregon DeMolay!

DeMolay Day was a great success, with 7 new brothers initiated, and 4 newly created Chevaliers.
We were able to honor both Logan and Galen for their successful terms as SMC and bestow upon
them their Past SMC pin. Our new corps of State Officers for the Oregon State Council was
officially installed into their positions. And we had distinguished visitors from Grand Lodge,
Amaranth, Eastern Star, Job’s Daughters and Rainbow. It was a great start to the year, and I look
forward to more events like it in the future. I would also like to personally Congratulate Dad
Jones-Gallardo on his receipt of the Guild of the Leather Apron, Advisor of the Year. Those in
attendance know that Dad Thornburg spoke words of truth in his description of your services to
DeMolay. Dad Jones was the SMC presiding over my initiation; I hope to be just as memorable
to a young DeMolay.

Some of the Oregon State Council Officers also attended the All-Masonic Picnic in Cottage
Grove this month. We had a great time representing Oregon DeMolay, and look forward to more
opportunities to do so. It was a nice day to get together and enjoy some food. Sweetheart Kylie
and I were able to assist with the 50-50 raffle drawings.
Registration is open for WOFAB until August 7th. This year’s WOFAB, August 20-22, will be
held at a private location near Henry Hagg Lake and a $35 registration cost includes a site, meals
for Saturday and Sunday, kayaks to use at the lake, and more. There is also an optional Aerial
Adventure at Tree to Tree, which I’m personally very excited about, for an additional $55. We’re
excited to see you there.

Also coming this month is the DJR Fun Day at Oaks Parks. Watch for more information on the
website and Facebook page.

I would like to highlight all of the things that Oregon DeMolay is doing this year. To assist me in
doing so, I’m asking all of our Master Councilors this year to let me know about their upcoming
events via email, Discord, or Facebook Messenger. Capitol Chapter in Salem is hosting an
Outdoor Movie Night for community youth on Friday, August 6th. All are invited to attend, if
you are in the area come by- West Salem Lodge, movie will start around 9pm.

The State Ritual team will be holding a practice on Saturday, August 28th in Eugene. If you want
to be a part of the ritual team and haven’t already received a part, please reach out to myself or
SSC Jay.

Tyler J. Plath
State Master Councilor of Oregon DeMolay

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