SMC Communication September 2021

SMC Communication September 2021

Hello Members and Friends of Oregon DeMolay!

This was a busy month. I started out with flyer distribution for my Chapter’s Outdoor Movie
night, which I was unfortunately unable to attend. After that I volunteered at the Polk County
Fair with Capitol Chapter, helping park cars in the parking lot. This has been a great fundraiser
for our chapter. I would like to encourage anyone with County fairs in their area to reach out and
see if they have anything which your Chapter could help with, and in turn receive a donation.
Then I attended a Job’s Daughters Majority Ceremony which was put on by my local Bethel,
Bethel 43. Next up was WOFAB, which I hope everyone who was there had a great time. I had a
lot of fun at the Tree To Tree Adventure, which we were able to bring a prospective member out
to. I’ve also been helping out my Chapter with our annual service project where we promote the
Oregon State Police’s Code Adam program. We help parents with child identification bracelets
so that in the event of their child getting lost or going missing, someone can identify them and
reunite them with their parents. Most recently I was asked to provide assistance with a memorial
service and reception, where I helped organize food donations and serve food in a COVID
friendly manner.

I would like to continue to highlight all of the things that Oregon DeMolay is doing this year. To
assist me in doing so, I’m asking all of our Master Councilors this year to let me know about
their upcoming events via email, Discord, or Facebook Messenger.

On September 5th, Capitol Chapter is doing a street clean-up. The State Ritual team will be
holding our second practice on September 25th, location to be determined. If you want to be a
part of the ritual team and haven’t already received a part, please reach out to myself or SSC Jay.
Eugene Chapter will be playing paintball on the 25th as well, please reach out to the Master
Councilor of Eugene Chapter, Brother Legorreta, for more information.

Please, make sure you complete the survey regarding Conclave. It will be on the website, the
Oregon DeMolay Facebook page and coming to your advisors by email. It is also linked here.

Tyler J. Plath
State Master Councilor of Oregon DeMolay

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